This episode begins with the Super Readers going to school. The teacher asks for a volunteer to solve a math problem. Alpha Pig accepts the offer, so he is given the problem 3 plus 2. He has trouble solving this problem (he says it is “kind of tricky”). So the Super Readers head to the book club to discuss the problem, and the super story answer has 3 letters.

Then, by using Whyflyers, they ”jump” into the book. After that, they meet a blonde-haired male superhero named Math-A-Million who got a call from Mayor All Together. His first call was for adding 4 red apples and 2 green apples. Math-A-Million did not know how to solve the problem, so he said, “This is a math DISASTER!” Later on, Alpha Pig does not know what the word “math” means, so Woofster opens up his dictionary and defines the word. Math-A-Million flies to the apple trees to add up the red and green apples following that scene. He eventually figures out the problem, but a donkey eats all the six apples. And he said ”Gadzooks!”. So Alpha Pig sang the ABC song and then got letters from the tree and spelled the word ”apples” so he could get the apples back. Then, Math-A-Million gets another call from Mayor All Together saying that he needs 4 green balloons and 5 yellow balloons. From there, the balloon blower produced 9 filled-up balloons. Unfortunately, they all pop. So Wonder Red sings words that rhyme with nine. These words are: fine, line, mine, dine, pine, and vine. All nine balloons are back after this! Then Math-A-Million arrives at Mayor All Together’s party. But he needs to add up the 9 balloons and the 6 apples. Super Why helped him figure this all out. Finally, Math-A-Million got the answer: 15! And the party that the mayor was throwing was for just for him! He even received a math party hat with arithmetic signs printed on it and a math medal. Then the Super Readers left the book, visited the book club (to reveal the Super Story Answer: ADD) and went back to school. After a long time, Alpha Pig correctly got the answer to 3 plus 2: which is 5! Now apple peach juice could be made! The Super Readers saved the day.

If you have a station that has a music video, then the song after the episode is about Books.


Courtesy of PBS LearningMedia.

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