Pascal is a young boy pirate appearing in the episode "The Beach Day Mystery". His older sister is Piper,
considering she's somewhat taller then him.

Piper and Pascal were searching for a special treasure they found multiple hints and clues to. However, they could not understand them considering she nor her brother know their alphabet or how to rhyme.

While it is probably likely Piper and Pascal are real pirates, they could just be playing pretend. As its common for young children to do. It's unknown if Piper and Pascal have parents.

It is currently unknown who voices Pascal.


Pascal is much quieter then his sister, but also seems to smile more. Though not as active or perky as she is. He seems to agree with everything she says or does however and also agrees that pirates aren't supposed to know their alphabet or rhyming until learning of their importance.


Pascal has his sisters hair, skin, and eye color. However his hair is very short with few spiked bangs, worn underneath a blue bandana with big white spots. Pascal also has on a white ripped shirt underneath of a dark gray vest and blue and white neckerchief. He wears a blue rope around his waist, along with blue striped ripped shorts/pants, and black boots.