These games can be found on the PBS Kids/official Super Why website. As many of them were made, they will be divided by Character.

Each game will unlock a new prize to collect that can be printed out. If one clicks the Play button a special video related to the prize will begin to play!

Whyatt/Super Why

Book Jumble: The game begins as four books fall from their shelves and you must pick one of them. A dinosaur book, a space book, west book, and an Egyptian books. After transferring into the book you can pick a difficulty level and then begin to play!remember this is a s2 game,dinosaur:baby dinos big discovery,space is galileos space adventure,egyptian is nalia and the magic map,wild west is jaspers cowboy wish

In each level is a missing object or item and its up to you to properly place it. For each play through or game finished, you may earn a Prize for your collection.


  • Delicious Dish
  • Calling All Super Readers!
  • Puppy Day Care!
  • Super Why's Book Jumble
  • Journey to the Golden Bone
  • Create a Super Dog!
  • Super Duper DJ
  • Super Celebration's Cake Maker
  • Lovely Letter Match Up
  • Right on Reader Match Up
  • Amazing Alphabet Match Up
  • Wonder Words Match Up
  • Attack of the Eraser!
  • Super Stuff Design Center
  • Rhyme Time Bingo
  • Reading Power Bingo
  • Spectacular Sounds Bingo
  • Lickety Letter Bingo
  • Storybook Creator
  • Paint by Letter
  • Freeze Dance Rhyming
  • Golden Crown Spelling Bee
  • Why Flyer Adventure
  • Rhyme and Roll
  • Create a Superhero
  • Super Readers Challenge
  • Super Why to the Rescue!
  • Alpha Bricks
  1. Pick 1 of 4 themes (each with their own unique features)
  1. Pick 1 of 3 shapes/designs of cake
  1. Then spell out the word of the shape
  2. The batter then pours into the shape, bakes, and then you can pick a frosting
  3. Then spell out the flavors name
  4. Pick an object to place onto the cake
  5. Spell the objects name
  6. Pick 3 sprinkle types to put on the cake

Attack of the Eraser: An interactive comic book!