Galileo's Space Adventure

TV Episode

While learning about space, Princess sees a flash of light and wonders what it is.

Show: Super Why!

Season number: 2

Episode number: 15

Super Story Answer: Orbit

Air date: October 11, 2012

Previous episode: Zora's Art Adventure

Next episode: The Story Of The Super Readers


  • This episode marks the last of a few things:
    • The last episode to have Nicholas Kaegi to voice Whyatt Beanstalk/Super Why. Johnny Orlando takes over the respective role of him in The Story of the Super Readers.
    • The last episode to have Siera Florindo to voice Red Riding Hood/Wonder Red. T.J. McGibbon takes over the role of her.
    • The last episode to have Zachary Bloch to voice Pig/Alpha Pig. Samuel Faraci takes over the role of him.