Shades of Green




Voiced By:

Sierra Thompson

Cinderella is a girl who lives in Storybook Village. She often plays with the other girls, or attends parties that Princess Pea holds.

She appeares often in the series, due to living in the same village as the main characters. She has appeared in 2 storybooks and so forth. Much like Goldilocks, she looks somewhat different in her story, which may mean she's older then her storybook form.

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At first Cinderella was uncomfortable with herself when she wished to attend a special party being held by the Prince but eventually she learned to stop worrying about that and just love herself and have fun! No matter how different she may seem to others.

This advice helped Red as well, who feared she wouldn't fit in at Princess Pea's Princess Party she was invited to attend.


Cinderella is a young, pretty girl who looks to be just a bit taller then most of the girls in Storybook Village. Which may mean she's older by a few years, or just tall for her age. Her skin appeares to be pale, while she has long brown hair about stomach length with few loose bangs. Her eyes are black and she has thin eyebrows. And noticeable soft pink cheeks.

In storybook village, Cinderellla's outfit consist of a soft green dress with pale pastel green lining and pastel green puffed sleeves. Her shoes are green and seem to have a very small heel in them. Unlike most girls, her eyelashes are more noticeable when not up-close.

Cinderella's storybook form appeares a head taller then the Super Readers, supporting the theory of her age. And she looks to be poor, status wise. Wearing an off-green blouse and very long burnt orange skirt, which covers her feet. Her skin is just a bit darker then in normal form, but otherwise she looks the same.

As a princess, her hair and skin remain the same, and she does not seem to gain makeup. She wears a pearly green princess dress with its top being a light green blouse-top with a emerald green bow at the bottom in the center. In the middle of the skirt is a pastel segment and bumpy green lining and pearly green flats. On her head is a golden crown.



  • Normally, Cinderella is depicted as a blond haired girl wearing blue themed attire.
  • In one episode, there is a girl who resembles her but with golden-yellow hair wearing a blue dress with icy blue markings along her attire. This could have been a reference to how Cinderella is normally depicted, or a coloring error.